By Arnie Katz, Chief Product & Technology Officer

The role of a Chief Technology Officer can mean different things for different companies. A CTO can be the person leading engineering and product. He/she can be the person who oversees just the engineering side and nothing else. And, in some of those cases, the CTO can be in charge of leading the engineering vision of the company, but not its execution.

I like to think that I’m not like other CTOs. I didn’t rise through the ranks by taking on progressing engineering roles. And I’ve never claimed to be the world’s best coder or architect.

At my core, I…

By Mazzy Cameron, Global Director, People and Organizational Development at eBay & StubHub

I love music festivals. It’s safe to say that many of us here at StubHub love a good music festival — that’s why we’re at a company centered around a passion for live experiences. I love multi-stage music festivals for the variety they offer. You can see Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator on one stage; then catch Florence + The Machine and The Strokes on another. You have the freedom to explore and experience whatever you want.

It is with the joy and diversity of the music festival in mind that we created StubHub’s CareerFest: a multi-day event that…

By Susan Stieglitz, Head of Imagery & Michael Luzmore, User Interface Engineer

Our customers use the StubHub platform to find tickets to an event that will delight all of their senses — whether it’s a Broadway show, a Giants game, or a stadium concert. Today’s customer demands a rich visual experience in almost everything they do. This, of course, includes shopping for tickets online.

When customers land on, they see a hundred thumbnails of their favorite artists and sports teams — and this doesn’t even begin to touch on the breadth and depth of our visual content, which includes photos, videos, views from seats, virtual views and more.

But the old…

By Adam Ware, Senior HR Business Partner

StubHub’s 2019 summer interns

I can say with full confidence that StubHub has the best summer interns in the industry.

Our interns are driven, courageous, and inventive. They work across many departments at StubHub, including finance, marketing, and communications. A majority of our interns work on teams within Product & Technology. They have a tireless work ethic. They soak up as much experience and wisdom as they can get throughout their three months at StubHub.

The group of 20 is a diverse mix of college, grad school and PhD students who hail from a variety of disciplines: computer science, data science, business, software engineering…

By Todd Northcutt, Director of Product Shared Services

There’s no sound quite as sweet as the gong ringing at a StubHub Fix-A-Thon.

That’s because when a teammate rings the gong, it is a resounding declaration to our global Product & Tech team that one small (yet irritating) tech issue — like a glitch in the checkout process or trouble using gift cards — had been resolved.

To me, that sound signified something greater. It was proof that when our teams across the world banded together to solve any tech issue that was plaguing our platforms and our customers, incredible accomplishments and breakthroughs happen.

The gong also rang in…

By Jen Lau, Senior Product Manager & Kat Escudero, Global Head of Merchandising

Every company’s homepage should serve as a window into its business, and the StubHub homepage is no different. It represents how we want our customers to see us. But, just as importantly, our homepage reflects how we at StubHub see ourselves.

In the nearly two decades since our founding, StubHub has become the world’s largest ticket marketplace, with tickets available for over 10 million live sports, music and theater events in more than 40 countries. But it took us until fairly recently to lean into our identity as a leading e-commerce site. As recently as 2017, our homepage was an…

By Pete Peterson, Director, Global Product Design at StubHub

Who among us has a career path that’s been paved with gold? Have promotions and raises materialized for you out of thin air? Maybe someone handed you a detailed roadmap that guides you from your first job all the way to the c-suite? The more common experience may be a little like how I felt trying to navigate this subway map on a recent work trip to Shanghai:

By Laura Klemme, Su Kyeong Ku, Manoj Gaddam, Anand Komarraju & David Timby

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a massive cargo ship and turn it into a speedboat? Well, we can tell you (metaphorically speaking).

At StubHub, we just unveiled our brand-new Developer Program. At the heart of the program is an online portal that provides our business partners, system integrators and third-party developers an entirely new set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to bring innovative ticketing solutions to fans of all stripes.

The APIs offer something that’s in high demand these days: simplicity.

We’ve made it simple for developers and sellers to rapidly integrate with our platform —…

By Kiruthika Sivaraman, Software Engineer

The process of modernization often results in the formation of two distinct worlds: the original, established platform and the new, more effective one. This is not a “one-and-done” process. Instead, it requires a series of phases over time. Because of this, the new world has a constant, ongoing dependency on the old one. Until all operations are fully migrated, the new world needs to have its own integrity but must also be compatible with legacy systems.

As StubHub continues its migration into the cloud, parts of our legacy system remain instrumental in fulfilling our essential day-to-day operations like customer orders.

By Marty Boos, Chief Information Officer

They call it March Madness for a reason — and it’s not just the diehard basketball fans who get to experience it. As you might imagine, at StubHub we experience our own version of Madness. In fact, we’re built for it. And in this era of modernization, we’re thriving on it.

Over the course of this month, 67 college basketball games will be played at venues across the country. That’s 134 rabid college fan bases, their boosters, and thousands of others champing at the bit to witness the best college teams fight the odds and advance to the Final Four…


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